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semi uber | on the lush issue.

I'm back
I made it to Nagoya

Crap it's hot, Tokyo

We broke out the Japanese spirit in Germany

The Comiyavi-chan in Europe also
gave us a huge hot welcome

when I sang
"If you're happy and you know it slap your ass"
everyone went along with it. lol

Maybe I'll do it again tomorrow.

what I'm doing now
playing the music that I believed in
in my own style that I believed in
with my friends that I believed in
it's just so fun and happy
but after the live,

I was drunk.

How long ago was it?

Last year when I went to France I kinda lost it too but
This time sucked.,
First for my staff
the show staff, and even to PlaTree
I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble.

I'll control myself for the time being, or rather half my whole life.

..and, of course tomorrow's live will be hot too wont it Japan?

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