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Friday, 24th August 2007

11:40AM Z You are --

-- a reflection of your friends.
-- sometimes.

-- that being said,
-- fall cleaning.

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Monday, 6th August 2007

Tuesday, 31st July 2007

12:05PM Z Bonn.

Oi, Gazettes, good luck tonight!

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And, I was stalked. D:

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I'm back in Japan, hittin' Nagoya tomorrow with the Kidz, then there's a break until Fukuoka on August 6. "A break."


Monday, 9th July 2007

10:31AM Z some favorites for the scrap book

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Thursday, 31st May 2007


Thanks for the vote of confidence Inoran.

Sunday, 27th May 2007

10:32PM Z hello

It's Miyavi

I'm back

I'm tired,
but I had so much fun.

I rocked out as a Japanese artist
I was so glad to have 「KAVKI BOIZ」 as backmembers too
Of course they we'll be together for the summer tour as well
I will introduce them to all you Comiyavi as well
Because all of them are really fun guys to be around
They are friends I love more than anything else
So cool?

And I announced on stage

Next time, I'll be in a band

just as I said a little before on the website
with some really awesome older guys

Gaku-ani* and Sugi and Yoshiki
Everyone, they are all my senpai* and I respect them more than anything else
They are really cool, everyone.
Both as artists and as people.

But I am going to try hard enough so I will not lose

So I'm pushing myself
And let's all establish our generation

Those who establish the scene or the generation are not the artists
It's all the fans

Let's change without changing


Good night

[ trans credit ]

Wednesday, 23rd May 2007


Now, my half a year of work is finally paused,
I'm preparing to go to LA.
For two months in LA
This time I'm going to stand on stage as a "Japanese" Miyavi.
I, thought about my trips overseas.
What about my identity (reason for existance) as a Japanese person?
Hmmm various media have spoken about it but
The reason for my half-year trip to the US is here.
(Of course it was also on the basis of self-improvement)
I myself am Japanese and、
Half my blood is Korean and,
I'm called a Visual Kei artist and,
I want to be proud,
Even now having changed I intend to keep that pride.
I love Japan's culture,
And I also love the Japanese language.
I've been humbly studying English,
Without understanding my companions,
I can't really get understanding from them I think. [Not sure about these couple of lines]
No more than that.
On the stage over there I think I'm going to make a little announcement.
First I want to say to everyone
I want to, as far as I'm able, [something about changing that I can't quite get]
The past, and the present, and from now on as well.
[Something about a lonely time, sorry can't get it]
Because I'm absolutely serious.
Because I'm going to change everything.
Because I'm going to start from the beginning again.
Watch from close, ok.

Ok, I'm going.


Saturday, 5th May 2007

12:38AM Z FUCK.


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Friday, 13th April 2007

12:17AM Z I must admit.

It was pretty nice just hangin' out
with the boys again.

Monday, 9th April 2007


Friday, 9th March 2007

Monday, 22nd January 2007



Monday, 4th December 2006


Whom is this from?

Wednesday, 11th October 2006


The only performance that makes it, that
really makes it, that makes it all the way, is
the one that achieves madness, right? Am I
right? Are you with me?

- Mick Jagger

Tuesday, 3rd October 2006


Do you mean Bodybag N°1?

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